With everything that’s happening in the world right now - can you think of a more important time to get RADICAL clarity on who you are, and what your purpose is?

Because right now - in these times - these questions are perhaps even more critical- as the people in your life need the real you more than they know. The most authentic, virtuous, intentional and selfless version of you. The man or woman who serves and elevates humanity, simply by showing up.

I was fortunate to have someone in my life who had this type of impact on me - and being around this person really helped me to get through a long, dark, confusing, and scary period of my life.

This loving and secure figure was my Grandpa, Carl Karcher.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence - being in the presence of my Grandpa was one of the only places where I felt secure and worthy by simply being myself.

I didn’t feel the need to earn his affection or impress him, and I certainly never felt like he was putting on pretenses - or being insincere around me.

This might seem insignificant to some - but I assure you it wasn’t.

When you are connected to someone that has inner peace and security - it creates a space where you feel safe to explore who you are.

And if these types of encounters are consistent - it establishes a palpable sensation of trust - that brings out the very best aspects in everyone that’s in such an environment (there is a term for this - it’s called a virtuous feedback loop - but, we will talk about how these work in another message!).

And that’s how it was being around my Grandpa. He brought out the best in everyone he knew. Being with him was my favorite thing to do, because EVERYONE seemed to know and love him … and I got to be part of it. I saw the way he cared about people and treated them with dignity and respect. His “secret sauce” was how he could make people feel valuable.

While I wish I would have had the foresight to ask my Grandpa how he established such deep self-awareness - I did have the luxury of being able to spend thousands of hours having a front row seat to witness and observe the habits, principles, declared values, etc., that defined the character of the man I knew and loved.

After I got married and discovered what a fertile ground for personal growth marriage was - I found myself really evaluating what he did - with the hope that I might be able to identify some practical tools that I could apply to my life and marriage.

I also started researching other people I saw as “authentic exemplars.” People who showed up intentionally throughout their lives - without needing to compartmentalize their values or identity.

I deconstructed what they did, analyzed it, put it back together and observed recurring patterns and commonalities. I discovered they were mostly doing personalized versions of the same things Grandpa did.

And now this is where I want to share what I have learned with you!

We’re at a pivotal moment in history where YOU can unleash your own version of this. YOU can be an Authentic Exemplar to someone … and maybe, years from now, they’ll still write about the impact you had on them (like I am about my Grandpa).

In all of this, I realized there are two fundamental questions in life that have to be adequately addressed if you want to really harness the power of your true self and purpose;  “Who am I?” and “What’s my purpose?”

If you want to transcend your current limitations, and begin to have the kind of impact you know is possible, you can no longer afford to avoid answering these questions.

And the truth is - these answers already exist deep within you. We just need to unlock the code to bring them out, and I have discovered a powerful framework that can help you with this.

My goal is to provide you with some tools and guidance that will empower you to dig a little deeper inside - so that you discover your inner roadmap that allows you to consistently be able to tap into the power of your Authentic self, purpose, and community

So here’s the start point - the Authentic Growth Blueprint Podcast. You’ll get to hear my transformational story in detail by listening.

And if this has the impact on you that I believe it will - then I want to invite you to continue this journey within.

I understand that not everyone will be interested in this journey - as it seems easier to not have to answer these questions (but without knowing who you are - or what your purpose is - it’s like trying to find happiness, success, freedom, peace, fulfillment, etc., by hitting a bullseye on a dartboard while being blindfolded).

I sincerely hope you join us (having answered these questions myself - I know that delivering this information to the world is my purpose - so, I am fully committed to bringing content, interviews, practical exercises, giveaways, etc., that will empower you to begin developing a clear blueprint to knowing your self and your purpose in a completely transformational way!).


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