How well do you feel that you use the time you have in a day? Are you consistently focused on your highest value tasks, relationships, and goals? Is how you have spent the past 2-3 months of your life a good reflection of your priorities? Time is our most precious resource – yet despite this – it can be easy to waste it and lose sight of the fact that once it’s gone – there is no getting it back.

While we all technically have the same amount of time available to us in a day (24 hours – or 1440 minutes) – the difference between living a life of extraordinary success and significance is related to how we choose to use and value our most precious resource.

This week’s message provides a process for how to make your time more valuable – and if you use this process consistently – you can give yourself the gift of time – and along with that can come increased purpose, meaning, impact, happiness, fulfillment, joy, success, and significance!

3 Steps to Enhance Your Experience of Time

  1. Get clear on your core values and priorities – have them written out and affirm your values and priorities every day – connect your values and priorities to your daily actions/goals.
  2. Put tight boundaries around your highest priorities – focusing on the precious few instead of the trivial many (great essentialism concept – Greg McKeown). I also strongly suggest time blocking – where you put a couple of hours aside each day to focus on your highest value tasks.
  3. Set time aside for fun, relaxation, meaningful relationships, leisure activities that are replenishing – and spend quality time engaged in these activities (no work distractions allowed). This will help to create some sense of balance – and help you restore your emotional bandwidth.

When I know that I am squandering time away by focusing on low priority tasks – or my time and energy are out of alignment with my values – I can feel the tension and discomfort building in me. Conversely – when I know that I am making progress on my biggest goals and I am connecting my daily activities to my values – I feel amazing, energized, confident, calm, productive, etc., and the idea of time being relative is super clear to me – as my experience of time is completely transformed.

In following these steps – you will start to experience time in a new way – getting more out of each day, living with radical clarity and purpose, and feeling healthier, happier, and experiencing greater success and fulfillment in your work and relationships! If you continue to do this over a period of months and/or years – you will really begin to thrive and grow the life, love, family, and success you have time blocked for!

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