I know it’s been awhile since I last reached out to you with a message from me and my 6 year-old daughter (thanks for the kind words that so many of you expressed by the way – I may be partnering with Avery again in the future – I know she is all in on the idea!).

While I have a feeling that each of you has had your minds pretty well occupied over these last couple of weeks – I did want to share with you an inside look at what I have been working for months on end to develop – and as I listen to my clients, talk with my neighbors, and pay close attention to what is happening in the world right now – I am convinced that what we have been building – isEXACTLY what’s needed for so many people sitting around wondering what to do.

Because – if we’re going to come out of this ahead and on top of the wave, we need to find two things: PURPOSE and CLARITY. And I’ve spent the last year building THE definitive process on how to do that.

I have been working on creating a digital course that empowers people to answer two absolutely critical questions (Who do I want to become – and What’s my Purpose) necessary to become the best version of yourself – and thrive in all the areas of life that matter most. When you achieve clarity in answering these two questions – everything else flows more powerfully, meaningfully, and fulfillingly by living in alignment with your answers.

Having run my first group of online students through my Authentic Growth Blueprint digital course right as California went on lockdown, it’s abundantly clear to me that creating as much content and value as I possibly can – related to the mission that this course is fueled by – is where I can have the greatest possible impact in helping others through this period of really unprecedented challenges.

And I’m certainly not expecting everyone to sign up for my course (and in fact, the course isn’t for everyone!).  But – I do hope that I can deliver immense value by offering exclusive access to the course material through my Podcast – where you can hear about some of the most powerful personal growth exercises that exist – and that are empowering people going through the course to have significant breakthroughs in their self-beliefs – and in having a clear blueprint for how to consistently access their best self, get in a Flow state, and approach their family and work with radical clarity on the positive impact they want to have on them.

If you can imagine for a moment – entering the post-COVID world – feeling like you are a shot out of a canon with clarity of purpose – knowing exactly the impact you want to have on the people and causes that you are about most!

Your family, your community, and the world at large has never needed you to find your heroic mantle and bring your unique purpose and goodness into focus – so that you can use your values, what intrinsically motivates you, and your character strengths and virtues to elevate everyone in your sphere of influence.

If it isn’t extremely clear by now – I am SUPER-EXCITED to share some incredibly powerful concepts, practical exercises, and compelling and moving conversations that you can access for free – through my Podcast – and that I will share in future emails.

For now – here is a brief excerpt from one of the podcast interviews I did for the course – where I describe a moment of being challenged as a dad – and how I was able to use my Authentic dad blueprint to step into being the dad I want to be for my kids (this course and Podcast is designed to help people experience holistic success – where you show up with your full force of presence in the moments and interactions that really matter).

My podcast – also titled – Authentic Growth Blueprint – will be available on all the usual platforms starting next week – you won’t want to miss the episodes when they come out (or the powerful resources that we offer in them!).

And please know that I appreciate, value, and care about each of you – and my desire is to be a positive force for good in your life.  That is my primary intent and focus in delivering this information and content to you – so, as I plan future content – please let me know what you find most useful – and where I might be able to serve you best through these challenging times?


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