Hello – as we at AG Thrive are fully dedicated and committed to empowering our clients to live and grow with purpose, experience success in their most significant and meaningful goals, and to ultimately thrive in the areas of life that matter most – we are always looking for ways to provide maximum value and impact – and deliver it in the most effective manner possible.

In light of this, I am extremely excited to introduce our new video series – Thrive in 5 with Dr. Andy – where we cover topics that are absolutely essential to living your best life – and do so in 5 minutes or less (if you know me – brevity isn’t exactly my greatest strength – so, I can assure you that these videos have stretched and challenged me to deliver you content in the most efficient manner possible).

There are currently 9 videos in this series. We will be adding new videos regularly – and we would love to receive any suggestions, feedback, or requests you may have pertaining to our content.

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In this week’s Thrive in 5 video – I describe our Authentic Growth Blueprint – and hopefully make it clear just how important I believe this concept is for someone to truly Thrive in their life, marriage, family, and/or work.

If you look at almost any definition for the word Thrive – you will see something similar to – “to grow and develop vigorously” – so, clearly the concept of growth and the act of growing – are essential to an experience of thriving. However, to establish a Psychology of Thriving – we aren’t talking about simply choosing to grow – but rather – growing with a purpose in mind – or thriving by design (in AG Thrive terms – this is what we are referring to with our Authentic Growth Blueprint – where a person, relationship, family, and/or organization is choosing to grow in alignment with their core values, principles, signature strengths, top priorities, and doing so with a clear, compelling, and strategic vision/plan that is guiding their growth).

If you have any questions about our Authentic Growth Blueprint – please message us. We hope this was valuable – as it is our sincere hope and intent to provide you with information, tools, strategies, and practices that will empower you to Grow the Life, Love, Family, and Success you Want!!

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