“It is with gratitude and joy that I recommend Dr. Andy to anyone, and especially to anyone striving to live deliberately in an overexcited age. Meeting through a friend’s recommendation, our family connected immediately with Dr. Andy’s patience and experience. His insight and authenticity, in turn, helped us see the tangles of contradictory demands as a landscape within which our family - and our son - could confidently, consciously chose our paths. And thrive. Thank you, Dr. Andy.”

— N.Z.


“I have known Dr. Andrew Garret for 6 years. He has been one of the counselors that the Diocese of Orange Office of Pastoral Care has referred for those seeking professional counseling. His areas of strength are in working with families, couples, and youth. He recognizes the need for building up families and marriages in order to benefit society. We are in challenging times with the breakdown in the family. It is a blessing to have counselors like Dr. Garret who can take the time to walk with those who are hurting and are in need of guidance.”




“My son started seeing Dr Garrett a little over 2 years ago. He had been seeing another counselor for several years and to be perfectly honest I was so frustrated with the counselor and the process I went looking for Dr Garrett as a last effort in counseling for our then teenage son. After researching and praying, I reached out to Andy and we had an initial phone conversation and I knew he was going to be a good fit for my son. He was encouraging, intuitive, willing to think out of the box and had a goal for his clients to experience a more full and complete life. He made a point of challenging him from the beginning to be honest with himself, to feel things that might be uncomfortable and step out of his comfort zone with all his relationships too. Andy gave him specific ideas and assignments that included reading and journalling, one task easier than the other for our son. And when our son had a significant struggle arise Andy started by reassuring him that he is loved and this was just a bump in the process and this struggle could also help him grow and experience a more full life. Each time Andy & our son meet, he makes sure to connect with him on a real life level talking about things he enjoys and honestly, this truly shows that he cares for his overall well-being. I have seen a positive change in my son over the last few years and I see him being more open, honest, confident and happy with who he is and what he has to offer. His time w Andy has given him tools that he needs to be successful in several areas of life. Lastly, I am grateful that Andy sees this as a partnership with my husband and I, a team that is investing time and effort for the best interest of our son. I am so thankful for the impact Andy has on his life and the remodel he is as well. ”




“I have know Dr. Garrett both personally and professionally for many years. He is an excellent therapist and excellent person to whom I regularly refer individuals, couples and families who need help getting past some obstacle in their life and establish a permanent way of empowering their lives. I have consistently received feedback from families that I have referred to Dr. Garrett - how happy and satisfied they are with his services. I know of many people who have struggled to find a therapist that they enjoyed working with or that their teenage/young adult child would be willing to work with and finally found the answer when they met Dr. Garrett. In short, Dr. Garrett is incredibly personable and has the uncanny ability to build rapport even with people who don’t want to be in therapy. Whether you or looking for personal or spiritual growth, strategies to make the most of your professional development, help getting past a sticking point in your life, marriage, or have a family crisis, I am convinced that Dr. Garrett will be able to help you move forward with a positive and powerful plan and experience.”




“We have been very blessed to have Dr. Andy as part of our support system. We have seen him both as a couple and individually and have greatly benefited from his knowledge and resources. Dr. Andy is always able to offer tools and information to help us grow our capacity for self-reflection, improve our boundaries, and nurture and support our family. Dr. Andy has helped us navigate both difficult life events as well as just the day to day work required to grow as people and as partners and parents. We are very grateful for Dr. Andy’s expertise, kind and approachable demeanor, and insights and support.”




“I was struggling in many different areas of my life when I first sought help from Dr. Andy. Although I had initially hoped that he could simply give me the answers to all of my problems, he instead helped guide me down the right path in which I was able to develop all the tools, self-confidence, and healthy habits I needed to improve my wellbeing. I really benefitted from the wisdom, compassion, and resources that Dr. Andy offered, and always left my sessions feeling better than when I had arrived. Receiving psychotherapy has been an invaluable and empowering experience, and I am so grateful for the part that Dr. Andy has played in my personal growth.”




“I genuinely believe that Dr. Andy has helped me to become a more complete human being. I am happy for the first time in a very long time - and Dr. Andy has helped me to internalize and practice that every day is another chance to learn a new positive behavior. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Andy’s approach, where I never felt judged or like there was something wrong with me. Dr. Andy’s coaching focused on making small consistent positive steps and he provided me with great tools and resources that helped me overcome obstacles and challenges that kept me feeling stuck for many years. Choosing to grow isn’t easy, but because I now practice growing every day, I am finally learning what true happiness and security feels like. ”

— S.P.



“Dr. Andy has seen us individually and as a couple. During an intense time of personal loss we went to Dr. Andy to help us figure out how to better communicate our emotional needs and to get tools to work through hardships in the future. Through the goals that we set with him and the vision that he helped us design for our family, we were able to be better equipped when we went through the next intense hardship within our family. Working with Dr. Andy has not only helped to strengthen our marriage, but has also helped us to develop our own individual skills for dealing with grief, loss and adversity. Our oldest child is also seeing Dr. Andy now to help him through his own challenges.”




“Dr. Andy is incredible – he is receptive, amiable, reliable, and incredibly easy to open up to. I came to him after seeing many therapists in an incredibly tough time, and within just a few weeks of seeing him, I had made more progress than all of the previous therapist combined.

He help me achieve my mental health goals with what felt like small, achievable steps. Through weekly meetings, I reached a point of stability that I had never before experienced. Had grown emotionally strong in every aspect of my life, and a broken free from my previous weaknesses. He helps me experience happiness and areas of my life but I did not even know there was happiness, and this set him above other therapists I’d worked with.

Dr. Andy is an astute listener and truly cares for people. I could not recommend anyone more highly. I am incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Andy, because he truly changed the course of my life.”




“Dr. Andy Garrett definitely made a significant impact on my life during a time when I was doing a deep dive to discover more about myself. He help me process the past will Luhring to be goal oriented and focus on moving forward providing encouragement, resources, and accountability.

I had been to a couple therapist before him, but never stuck to it until meeting Dr. Andy. He is an incredibly special practitioner and someone who doesn’t “clock watch” going the extra mile to make sure you get the most value out of each session.

I truly could not say enough great things about him or my two years working with him. The only reason I am not still with him is because I made a move across the country for work.

Now, as the VP of marketing for a growing fitness company, I look back on this time as crucial in my personal and professional development and the person that I am striving to be each day.”




“Dr. Andy is an exceptional, responsive, and knowledgeable therapist/life coach. He provided assistance to my son and family through a very demanding. In our life. He was philosophic, empathetic, and able to embrace the critical issues that were holding us back from accomplishing certain goals. Dr. Andy was able to understand those stumbling blocks and then take us strides further so we could finally contend in this marathon called life. his breakthrough with my son, has established a five-year ongoing relationship filled with trust, mutual respect, and many awakening moments. My son went from struggling academically, afraid or not knowing how to find his inner self and it was interventions, strategies, and tools provided by Dr. Andy that assisted him in finding his inner self and establishing his voice and purpose in life. My son currently has a 3.75 GPA has excepted an athletic scholarship to University next fall. this could not have happened without Dr. Andy’s guidance. We have been to a therapist before finding Andy, however there was no comparison. At the very onset Dr. Indy provided an atmosphere of trust and security – simply said, we felt “safe”. My son’s emotional security and confidence was Dr. Andy’s paramount concern. Their mutual respect and connectivity provided a powerful arena for change. Dr. Andy reinforced our thinking and confidence – as a family and individually. That is the definition of an excellent life coach. We continue to see Dr. Andy for balance and reinforcement – I would highly recommend him!”




“Extremely lucky to have found Dr. Andy! Weather was goals I was working to achieve, daily obstacles I had to climb over, or personalities I thought I would never see I die with, Dr. Andy always helped guide myself down the road to the future I wanted to reach. No matter how big the dream, he always took every word I said with extreme significance and make sure I broke it down well enough to make it achievable. Extremely grateful for everything I’ve been able to learn working with him. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store!”




“My family is been seeing Dr. Andy for the past nine months and the results have been life-changing! He is giving us the tools to use for those challenging moments in our lives. I would highly recommend him to anyone out there that needs additional family support because he is truly a great listener and problem solver.”

— K.C.



“Dr. Andy is a gifted therapist, and highly skilled coach. As a psychologist myself, I tend to be very selective about those I work with personally. Dr. Andy has been my coach for the last year. He’s an exceptional listener and totally focused on helping his clients get the results they want in life. He does not give advice or make suggestions, but rather asks great questions that help me select the actions that give me the greatest likelihood of achieving my goals. It is clear by the resources he recommends that he invest tremendously in his own personal growth as a way to provide his clients with proven strategies for success. Dr. Andy has helped me overcome significant obstacles and self-limiting thinking, and never before have I had such a clear vision for taking such consistent action in my marriage, parenting, health, spiritual life, and work goals. my life feels more focused and purposeful than ever, and I owe it directly to working with Dr. Andy and his emphasis on living, growing, and a thriving life!”

— P.H.



“Dr. Andy is the most positive and motivational life coach/psychologist I have ever met. I love practicing his useful and practical tips or methods to resolve issues or problems that I encounter on a daily basis. He is encouraging and inspirational. When I think of giving up on things or goals he helps me to become more resilient and focus on my top priorities and values and helps me to tap into my sense of purpose. I’m very satisfied with our work together. I highly recommend Dr. Andy to you all and hope he can be your inspirational coach.”

— S.V.



“When I first started seeing Dr. Andy, I had a simple goal of passing the California Bar Exam. I had failed the exam five times and I truly believed I would never overcome this hurdle. Not only after seeing him did I pass with flying colors, I was also able to address my underlying confidence and social anxiety issues. His open minded and pragmatic approach was key to my personal and professional growth. I am now happy to report that I’m thriving and look to the future with excitement, not dread. Relatable, welcoming, and supportive to the upmost degree. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!”




“I had had several attempts to work with therapists and life coaches prior to contacting Dr.Andy. Each time I had been on the lookout for, let’s say an “ally” for lack of a better word. And I’d never really found one. Sure, there are people I connect with more and people I connect with less. But frustratingly, I I had yet to come across someone who was able to help me get unstuck and grow in the way that I felt I most needed. When I met Dr. Andy I was surprised by how quickly I felt comfortable and confident. I found Dr. Andy’s intelligence and intuition more than reassuring. Dr. Andy helped me to open up and express things that I had not even considered yet. It was astonishing to me how much he got me to take action on things I had avoided dealing with, and how he helped me to think about myself and my challenges in a totally new and supportive way. He seemed to know how and when to astutely nudge me to say and do more and he knew how to ask just the right questions, in just the right ways. Not delicate, not brash. Not detached, not gawking. Dr. Andy was direct, interested, engaged, and participatory. It was an incredible experience for me and I really loved working with him. I grew more in the period of time I worked with Dr. Andy and I felt like he was the perfect coach for me to help me in all areas of my life. If you are really looking to get unstuck in your life - then I could not recommend Dr. Andy more highly - as he truly has an exceptional way of impacting the way that you think about, feel, and experience your life.”




“I am grateful for my work with Dr. Andy. I felt like he was the answer to my prayers for my relationship with my husband as he really challenged both of us to grow spiritually and to live more authentically. Dr. Andy really has practical ways of helping you to get unstuck and to create a more powerful and connected relationship and his way of helping us to create a roadmap based off our core values and priorities was an absolute game changer. Thank you Dr. Andy for all the incredible work you did in helping us to grow closer and have a more fulfilling family experience.”


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