Our recent Weekly Series explored ways to improve your life through character growth and a new habit of practicing virtues. Read the entire series when you have a chance.

A New Perspective On How We Can
Apply Ben Franklin’s The Art Of Virtue
In Our Lives, Family, And Work.

First off, thank you to everyone who sent a message regarding their experience reading about Ben Franklin’s the Art of Virtue. The responses we received were very positive and gratifying. My driving hope and purpose with this series was to develop an impactful, practical, meaningful, and educational look at the power of intentionally practicing virtue.

One of the things that really stood out to me as I dug into some additional reading and research on the benefits of demonstrating virtue – was just how incredibly positive and powerful the science was in supporting the effects of practicing virtue. I find it fascinating that being a good and virtuous person – actually is scientifically supported – and perhaps one of the most meaningful and impactful ways that we can improve our overall wellbeing.

In fact, intentional practice of virtuous behaviors may be the most effective coping strategy that we could possibly demonstrate to reduce, or even eliminate pathological psychological and social conditions. If you look at the research findings on the benefits of practicing virtuous behaviors (as expressed through character strengths – see viacharacter.org/character-strengths) such as kindness, love, gratitude, creativity, forgiveness, humor, courage, moderation, resilience, optimism, etc., – it would be difficult to construct a better strategy for increasing wellbeing and enhancing one’s quality of life. And all of these behaviors would act as buffers against depression, anxiety, shame, anger, etc. – all of which are associated with a mindset that is overly focused on self-interests (whereas virtues by definition are expressed in a social context – and they appear to almost unanimously have incredible social benefits).

Plus, if you were looking for a means by which to create a super enriched social environment for your family, business, or learning culture – then i could not think of a more advantageous practice than to introduce or implement a top down emphasis on virtue and character strengths.

And to take this a step further, if you were looking for best practices on raising successful children – focusing on developing effective character strengths would be the model I would strongly recommend.

Now, before I let my enthusiasm for this material get me too far off track – I want to introduce my intention to demonstrate in the next several weeks:


What virtuous behavior and character strengths really are


How you can use virtue and character strengths to radically enhance wellbeing in yourself, your family, and in your business and social relationships


This will lead to a series on establishing an Authentic identity and developing Authentic connection/community – in which virtue/character strengths play an important role in how I conceptualize Authenticity.

I am super excited to begin this series and share some of the most practical and transformational material, lessons, and experiences that I have gained through this – both personally and professionally.


As we go through this material – I would love to hear from you with any questions, feedback, responses, and/or suggestions that you may have – as you are the reason I take the time to put this together – and I want to know how/if I can maximize the value you can get out of this – plus, it’s just way more fun and gratifying to connect with you!

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